Conservative Dentistry

Conservative dentistry is the set of treatments that provide the necessary measures to prevent the extraction of teeth damaged by tooth decay or other conditions, such as dental trauma. Its objective is to treat teeth affected by cavities, malformations or trauma so that they can recover their health and functionality. The most frequent problem treated Read more about Conservative Dentistry[…]

Dental Aesthetics

BLANQUEAMIENTO DENTAL Es un tratamiento dental estético que logra reducir varios tonos el color original de las piezas dentales, dejando los dientes más blancos y brillantes. El blanqueamiento de los dientes permite eliminar la mayoría de las manchas producidas por causas extrínsecas como el té, café y otras infusiones, cigarrillos y vino tinto, entre otras sustancias Read more about Dental Aesthetics[…]


Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that is responsible for the treatment of pathologies that affect the pulp tissues of teeth such as deep caries, root infections or fractures. Thanks to root canal or root canal treatment we can preserve the teeth and their function. In cases of deep caries or some strong blow in Read more about Endodontics[…]


The term periodontics encompasses everything related to the treatment of periodontal diseases, that is, those that are produced by the accumulation of bacterial plaque and tartar on the neck of the teeth, the gum line (gingivitis) and below this last (periodontitis). WHAT IS GINGIVITIS? Gingivitis is the Read more about Periodontics[…]


 We perform orthodontic treatments with different types of appliances: Invisalign, Sapphire Brackets, ceramic and metal self-ligating system. These treatments are focused on correcting defects and irregularities of teeth position, and malocclusion problems. WHO NEEDS ORTHODONTICS? Orthodontics is a corrective treatment, not only for aesthetics but also for Read more about Orthodontics[…]

Dental implants

what is a dental implant? They are fixings designed to osseointegrate in the maxilla in a natural way resembling the anatomy of the teeth, replacing both the masticatory and aesthetic function. They are an excellent long-term option to restore damaged teeth, one of the benefits is that dental implants usually last for large periods Read more about Dental implants[…]

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